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Promo Offer: Valid till March 31, 2022

  • 1Br Units - 10% Discount
  • 2Br & 3Br Units - 20% Discount
Robinsons Land : East of Galleria For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2 Bedroom ₱ 7,800,000 44.87 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Reservation Fee
Php 50,000 - AP1, AP2, AP3 and GR
Php 25,000 - All other projects
Parking Slot - Regular - Php 10,000 / Tandem - Php 20,000
20% over 24 months - 80% Retention
Monthly Amortization: 20% of TCP over 24 months (Net of RF)
Retention: 80% of TCP (Payment on the 25th month)
10% over 12 months - 90% Retention
Monthly Amortization: 10% of TCP over 12 months (Net of RF)
Retention: 90% of TCP - (Payment on the 13th Month)
Max Discount: 0.5% of TCP
100% in 30 days
Monthly Amortization: 100% of TCP (Net of RF) - Payable within 30 days after the RF Date
Max Discount: 2.5% of TCP
100% in 60 days
Monthly Amortization: 100% of TCP (Net of RF) - Payable within 60 days after the RF Date
Max Discount: 2% of TCP


Why The East of Galleria Residences

Not everybody likes to live in a city but for those that do or even those that must, the relaxing lifestyle that the East of Galleria residences offer people is far from that usually endured in the a city. The tower offers residents for rest, relaxation and recreation, all within its grounds and even if a resident does have to leave the tower, most of what they would need is within walking distance, avoiding the hassles of busy city traffic.

Although the price of one of these residential units may be beyond the reach of some Filipinos, for those that can afford one, they will not find better value for money anywhere else in the Philippines and probably not anywhere else in the world. Luxury dwellings within easy reach of all that a resident needs is a benefit seldom found anywhere. Add to that the fact that the surrounding central business district is still expanding, means that property prices, especially for properties in excellent locations like the East of Galleria Tower are continually getting more expensive. This means that when you buy a residential unit in the East of Galleria Tower, you are making an investment in your future, one that is bound to grow in value far quicker than just the normal inflation rate.

It is rare that a sound investment will offer you a better lifestyle now as well as in the future but these residences will provide you with a comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle, whilst they are increasing in value. The fact that your lifestyle will allow you to be relaxed and more stress free will also help you in your work, perhaps assisting you to advance in whatever work or business you may be involved in and that too can be a huge benefit.

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