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I think that with all the malls and other facilities so close, little more needs to be said about all the facilities readily and easily accessible to East of Galleria residents however, if you do not have to leave the tower at all, most people believe that that is even better. In order to allow residents to stay within the security of the tower, Robinsons Land Corporation included the following amenities in the design of the project:

Adult Swimming Pool – There is nothing quite like a relaxing swim or even a spell of lying beside a pool to help you unwind and when that pool is just an elevator trip away, you can completely unwind on any day

Children’s Pool – Where ever there is an adult swimming pool, it is always best if there is a separate pool for children as it allows both the adults and the children to take full advantage of both without one impeding the other

Jogging Path – Jogging has become a very popular activity for those people that want to keep in shape but unfortunately, for many people, they have to jog along the busy and sometimes unsafe streets. With the inclusion of the East of Galleria’s own jogging path residents can jog as often as they like, always in complete safety

Children’s Playground – The inclusion of a children’s playground in any residential project is always beneficial as it allows the children somewhere to play without having to brave the busy traffic

Function Room – The availability of a function room means that residents do not have to look for an appropriate venue when hosting family or business associates plus, they do not have to worry about heavy traffic making them late for the start of whatever function they may be hosting

Fitness Center – Many people today like to use a gym but most will spend as long getting to and from the gym as they do actually in the gym but with a fitness center located in the tower, East of Galleria residents have no such problems

Where ever anyone chooses to live, they will always have concerns about the safety and security of themselves, their family and their possessions but residents of East of Galleria will have fewer concerns than most due to the excellent safety and security measures Robinson’s Land Corporation included in the tower. As mentioned there is an intercom in residential units, fire escapes and smoke and fire detectors but apart from that there is also a security desk, manned 24 hours a day, in the reception area and CCTV cameras.

For the residents convenience there is also individual mail boxes and a central garbage room as well as adequate parking available.

  • Landscaped Garden
  • Adult Swimming Pool
  • Children's Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Path
  • Children's Playground
  • Function Room
  • Fitness Center
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